Why emergency communication is so important?

comunicación de emergencia de RETEVIS

Emergency Communication, is organized for the primary purpose of supporting one-way and two-way communication of emergency information, between both individuals and groups of individuals.

Keep people informed in time

With emergency communication, People would be aware about an emergency immediately and take action immediately.

Without emergency communication, Finding out too late that people need to exit the building puts someone at a high risk of becoming trapped.

Without emergency communication, It could also prevent an injured person from getting the appropriate assistance in time, causing their injury to worsen significantly.


Prevent the situation from becoming worse

With emergency communication, If it is just one area that is compromised, planning to let other occupants in the building know to avoid the location of the crisis is essential.

Miscommunication and misinformation mean that an dangerous situation is not declared until it is too late. 

For instance, Without emergency communication, A hazardous chemical spill, that cannot be contained by common people and must be avoided until emergency services come.

They could enter the location and put themselves in danger, due to toxic fumes or other chemically-caused reactions.


Help save more lives

Concise, quick and clear messages are the key to communicating effectively  in an emergency communication.

During a crisis, how can we prevent people from getting hurt?  especially during times when chaos and confusion are at their highest.

An effective emergency communication plan ensures that people are safe during potentially fatal emergencies.


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