Why can’t cell phones replace Radio Walkie Talkie?

Radio Walkie Talkie

Despite the growing popularity of cellphones, Cellphones are the most commonly carried electronic communication device in our daily life. the traditional radio walkie talkies still couldn’t be replaced, and why?

Convenience with group calls:

As long as the frequency/channel of radio walkie-talkie keep the same within one organization, any transmits of walkie talkie could be received by other walkie talkies.As businesses security, you would find walkie talkies quite vital when it comes to group calls with ones at different sites.

Usually your cellphone calls are only limited “one-to-one”, If you wanna realize multiple people talk, you have to use software, network, etc. However, without using those, what if there are other calls coming on the way? then the other party will have to wait.

RETEVIS radio walkie talkie does not need network supported usually. and Push one button to talk so freely, which plays a great role in tourism or engineering work in the suburbs outside the city. However, your mobile phone needs steady signal of the station, especially it is located in a remote place with few people where the signal is not good.It means your mobile phone could only be an iPod.

Instant Connectivity throughout emergencies:

Information spread is instant and fast with RETEVIS radio walkie talkie, which is convenient for commanding and dispatching of the organization inside and contact closely. When encountering the eruption of the Tonga volcano, once there is the base station broke down, your mobile phone is very unreliable.

Tonga volcano-retevis walkie talkie
Tonga volcano- (Photo provided by Tonga Geological Services of the Government of Tonga.)

Low Cost and Budget-friendly:

there is no extra call fee paid for using the RETEVIS radio walkie talkie, especially for people who have high-frequent internal calls. it can reduce costs and save expenses. However, you have to pay much more with your cell phone.

Long battery life:

when would you use radio walkie talkie? it is usually specific or certain. That’s to say,the battery life is long enough. Meantime, retevis walkie talkie with usb charging also support your mobile power bank. However, if you want to use the current large-screen mobile phone with many apps, it’s impossible to keep all the day.


RETEVIS radio walkie talkie is much more rugged and durable. You could buy dozens of RETEVIS IP67 walkie talkies(drop-proof, dust-proof and waterproof) with less money. However, you could only buy one cellphone. 

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