What is the best emergency communication?

Comunicación de emergencia de radioaficionados-3

What is the best emergency communication?

In times of crisis and natural disasters, When all communications fail, Amateur radio emergency communication works! Especially wireline, cell phones and other conventional means of communications fail.

Radio amateurs, actively involved in local emergency communication.Usually How to become a radio amateur in spain? you need the following:

  1.  Get HAREC certificate by an examination.
  2.  Get a callsign Authorization
  3.  Legalize your own radioamateur station

However, Since March, 2020,URE (Spain Amateur Radio Society) has obtained permission for unlicensed people to use amateur radio emergency communication during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Which handheld transceiver is your right amateur radio emergency communication?

  1. HT-Analogue radio for a Beginner

RETEVIS RT5R: the best popular handheld radio

RETEVIS RT85: the best budget 2M/70CM field programming handheld transceiver

  1. HT-Digital Radio (DMR) for advanced level

RETEVIS RT3S: the best budget 2M/70CM digital radio

RETEVIS Ailunce HD1: the best front panel programming HT DMR


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