What are characteristics of poc walkie talkie unlimited distance?

poc walkie talkie unlimited distance

What is PoC walkie talkie unlimited distance?

PoC is an abbreviation of Push-to-Talk Over Cellular, it means that you can communicate with your partner in one system by network. It is a technique of using the mobile phone network to make calls that conduct like conventional walkie talkie with instant access and one to many calls, one to one call, many to many call, but use of the advantage on the world-wide coverage of the Cellular phone networks, GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G etc.

What are characteristics of poc walkie talkie unlimited distance?

1. Super strong coverage, nationwide unlimited distance

Poc walkie talkie unlimited distance, Based on the 2G/3G/4G data network of the public network operator, users can easily make voice calls nationalwide, and get rid of the distance limitation of private network communication.

2. Fast high speed networking and low cost

Due to the use of the operator’s public data network, users do not need to establish a base station network and follow-up base station maintenance. At the same time, customers can flexibly establish common predefined groups according to their own organizational structure and management needs, and can also establish dynamic groups in real time through terminals or dispatch command platforms according to real-time needs.

3. Private call, group call, or all call

The user capacity in the group is large, and the group call greatly facilitates the work requirements of emergency command and on-site coordination. You can use poc walkie talkie unlimited distance to implement a private call, group call, or all call, you can control all the walkie talkies by management website.

4. GPS positioning with map scheduling, intuitive and powerful

POC walkie talkie unlimited distance always have GPS feature, the location information can be reported in a real time to the management server. You can see all the walkie talkie’s GPS information online map.and you can record all of your conversation. GPS positioning is uploaded in real time, combined with accurate map information, it can realize the query of user location information and historical trajectory of cluster business, making user command and scheduling and cluster communication more efficient and convenient.

5. Personalized management platform with customizable functions

The cluster communication platform and dispatching command platform can be individually developed according to the user’s business characteristics to further meet the specific needs of customers.

6. Portable and convenient to use

Wired communication equipment is fixed and immovable, While wireless equipments including POC walkie talkie unlimited distance , are portable and can be carried around and communicate anywhere;

7. Good scalability

After users set up a communication network, new terminal equipment is often added due to the needs of the system. If the wired method is used, re-wiring is required, the construction is troublesome, and the original communication line may be damaged. So POC walkie talkie has better scalability in comparison.


POC walkie talkie unlimited distance is safe and reliable, with strong anti-interference ability and strong confidentiality. Especially it has been used widely in high-frequent talks occassions, the unlimited distance is preferred by people. RETEVIS POC radio need GSM, 3G, 4G etc, our POC walkie talkie need the AT&T or T-Mobile card; It cost data flow, for example Retevis RT70,Retevis RB20,Retevis RB21. Whether it’s received or transmitted, normally It is 3kb/s, if you use it all day, it need about 3M/day, 100M/month for for unstopping communication, It is 0.06M on the standby mode per day. Specific consumption will depend on the actual situation varies.

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