The Perfect pictured rocks kayaking travel

Kayaking Pictured Rocks has become an item on an increasing number of adventure bucket lists, and for good reason. Mineral seepage creates the cliffs’ vibrant colors, best seen from the water. Shallow caves also add exploring interest.

This activities center combines a powered boat ride with a kayaking trip. These trips start with a cruise to one of the prettiest stretches of Pictured Rocks, and each paddler is launched from a cradle alongside the boat, including one specially built in Michigan for this particular trip. The boat stays near enough to the group to provide back-up for anyone who gets tired early or needs a restroom break. Trips run from four to five hours with two hours of kayaking time included.

Bring communication equipment. There is no cell phone signal in the cave. Two way radios can communicate without a base station. Two way radio is the most effective communication tool. Retevis RT649P Walkie Talkie with Flotador feature. Even if it falls into the water, it can be retrieved and used normally.



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