The Evolution of Inflatable Kayaks

While the world of Standup Paddleboards has long enjoyed the extreme rigidity provided by drop-stitch construction, there has never been an inflatable kayak utilizing this complex technology that essentially turns an inflatable craft into a rigid performance machine.

Available in single and tandem lengths, the all new Drop-stitch Construction is a hi-pressure Drop-stitch kayak that offers users some new and exciting options in the portable inflatable kayak market. This is a rigid high-pressure drop-stitch kayak unlike any other… The Drop-stitch Construction is a streamlined high-performance kayak with paddling performance that rivals that of a hard-shell kayak.

The Drop-stitch Construction design also creates a v-hull with chine, which enhances the tracking and hull speed. Born from simplicity, and much like a sit-on-top style kayak, it has a large open seating area making it very easy to get in and out of.

By using tens of thousands of tough polyester threads stitched between two layers (top and bottom) of air-tight coated woven polyester, drop-stitch technology allows AE to create high pressure forms that are extremely rigid. To enhance durability, the drop-stitch material receives an additional layer of PVC Tarpaulin laminated to the top and bottom sides of the drop-stitch material.

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