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Amateur Radio Emergency Communication is the hope of disastar

Amateur radio emergency communication

When disastar came, how can you ask for Help? Maybe you’ll say, just carry my phone! However, when we reach a remote place, your mobile phone has no signal, or a place with good signal, but where nearby mobile phone base station is damaged (such as an earthquake). it may also let us lose contact […]

Top 5 Emergency Communication Methods in a Disaster

RETEVIS Comunicación de Emergencia-2

Which method of communication is suitable in case of emergency?  Mobile Phone / Cell Phone Mobile networks would quickly become overloaded due to the massive increase of users in a disaster. Except calling, text messaging and e-mails , applications apps and social medias may still could get you right emergency communication. Landline Telephone It is not probably the most […]

Why emergency communication is so important?

comunicación de emergencia de RETEVIS

Emergency Communication, is organized for the primary purpose of supporting one-way and two-way communication of emergency information, between both individuals and groups of individuals. Keep people informed in time With emergency communication, People would be aware about an emergency immediately and take action immediately. Without emergency communication, Finding out too late that people need to […]