Catering Store Communication Solutions

Proporcione radio bidireccional profesional y accesorios para diferentes tipos de restaurantes.

The Executive Chef

  • Minimalist style appearance, reduce the attention of diners to it.
  • Contains Bluetooth wireless earphones, making communication more elegant.
  • With a back clip, easy to carry.

The Line Cook

  • The RB36 is a wall-mounted two-way radio that is hands-free and can be shared by multiple people.
  • Use with foot-operated PTT to keep hands clean and increase food safety.
  • Built-in 10w high-power speakers, the sound can cover the entire kitchen.

RB36 FRS Radio Sound amplifier Tractor Bundle

Can be hung or fixed to the wall or desktop for easy use. High power, wide coverage.


The Server

  • Ultra-thin body design, easy to carry.
  • No screen, fewer function buttons, reduce false triggering.
  • Support headphones, free your hands to do more things. It also ensures the privacy of communication.

The Host

  • Large capacity battery, longer battery life.
  • Stick microphone to reduce the interference of environmental noise.

The Dishwasher

  • IP67 waterproof, can work for a long time beside the pool.
  • Support VOX function, can talk without pressing PTT.
  • Support headphones, free your hands, and do more work.

The Food Delivery Man

  • The POC walkie-talkie communicates through the mobile phone network, and can communicate with a mobile phone signal.
  • Built-in GPS positioning, you can view the location and track through the computer.
  • With physical PTT, communication is faster .
  • Headphones are supported. With finger PTT earphones, travel is safer.