Best Handheld Ham Radio for 2022

HD1 IP67 FPP Dual Band Ham Radio

Ham radios, also called amateur radios, are devices that use radio frequencies as a way to communicate and connect with people. They use voice, data, image, and text communications through RF spectrum frequencies.

Owning a handheld ham radio might sound far-fetched, especially in this digital age. Many people don’t believe that ham radios are used anymore, and that’s simply not true. These simple devices can be extremely handy to have in case of an emergency, especially when there’s no other way to communicate with other people.

Best Overall – HD1 IP67 FPP Dual Band Ham Radio

HD1 IP67 FPP Dual Band Ham Radio
HD1 IP67 FPP Dual Band Ham Radio

Best Handheld Ham Radio Buyer’s Guide

You should keep an eye out for several things when you purchase the best handheld ham radio, including the following items.

Dual Band
A handheld ham radio that has a dual band as a feature will allow you to listen to two frequencies at the same time. It also makes it easy for you to choose the frequency that you want to transmit on.

Be aware that the antenna that comes with some dual-band ham radios aren’t compatible with the dual-band feature. If this is the case, you need to find an external antenna that does work with this feature.

There’s a question that you should be asking yourself before buying a handheld ham radio: can it be manually programmed and programmed with the software?

If the ham radio can only be programmed with software, you must ensure that the cable you need to program the device is functioning and available. For a handheld ham radio to be manually programmed, there must be a functioning keyboard.


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